Chubb in South Africa

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  2. Chubb Statement On The COVID-19 Outbreak

    Chubb remains available to provide the same level of service you have come to expect.

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    Chubb Ignite
    Discover Chubb Ignite

    Our mid-market broker tool allows you to quote and bind specialist insurance online within minutes, 24/7, with fewer referrals and minimum fuss.

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    Research Report
    Multinational Risk Research Report

    The report highlights the key concerns of African risk managers and insurance buyers and draws attention to the trend risk managers have towards managing specialist and emerging exposures within a multinational programme structure.

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    Cyber-crime attacks among smaller and medium-sized companies are on the increase

    Cyber-crime is a real and present danger and attacks are becoming increasingly common and more sophisticated, especially among small to medium-sized businesses.

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    Featured Products and Services

    Cyber Risks

    In today’s connected environment, cyber security is a widespread concern. Our Cyber Enterprise Risk Management product provides middle-market, large and multinational companies with and end-to end risk management solution.

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    Terrorism and Political Violence

    All businesses, small and large, have a legal and moral obligation to look after their employees and mitigate the risks they face while at work.

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    Entertainment and Events

    When you are in the entertainment industry or running events, you need a specialist insurer to meet your specific needs.

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    Risk managers and financial decision-makers face many challenges when managing their insurance programs, not the least of which is knowing exact details about policies, claims, premiums and more. Our risk management portal is an efficient, centralized way to access all of your data.

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